(Fresh, not from concentrate) by Nature Treasure

One of the many benefits of Lemongrass is, it promotes digestion of food and gives relief from gastroenteritis. It is also an ideal remedy for those who have flatulence. It allows the muscles in the abdominal region to relax and release gas.

Brew Fresh in Singapore, not from concentrate, not from frozen-dried lemongrass



  • Controls Cholesterol Levels
  • Helps In Digestion
  • Cleanses And Detoxifies
  • Keeps Skin Healthy
  • For Weight-Conscious
  • Diabetics Preferred Choice
  • No Preservatives & Flavouring
  • No Colouring

It has shown positive results in people who want to keep a check on their weight. It helps in cutting down the flab and helps to reduce those extra pounds of flesh.